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PolSky: Executive Functions – Live at Woking’s Fiery Bird, June 7th


An Ambient Post – Post Punk Corporation…

To celebrate the exclusive vinyl release of their phenomenal album Executive Functions, the unrivalled indie force that is PolSky hits this stage this coming June 7th – A Friday night in Woking that promises to entertain and immerse music fans in all the right ways.

Having risen up through the ranks since the launch of the album in 2023, not least of all with the help of their infectious exploration of cancel-culture that is the lyrically clever and performatively captivating Switchboard Operator, PolSky stand tall as writers of contemporary anthems, whilst flying the flag high for creative pop-rock production and an unfiltered, fearless commitment to the cause.

Frontman Kris Warren intrigues, fascinates and entertains, showcasing a boldly post-punk energy and perspective, which, by way of his own seemingly absurd public freedom, seeks to draw focus to the actual absurdities of modern life.

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When? : Friday 7th June, 7:30pm

Where? : Fiery Bird Music Venue, Goldsworth Road, Woking, UK

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Switchboard Operator is a phenomenal indie rock and post punk track with superb riffs, a compelling lyrical inspiration, a mighty hook sections that builds and builds, and a video that represents the band’s unique identity and ability to entertain in a way that’s naturally addictive.

The entirety of the Executive Functions album accesses a similar set of emotions and ideas on modern life, but also depicts the defiant versatility of PolSky across both pace and genre. Their organic musicianship and engaging persona makes for a refreshingly interesting alternative to much of the current mainstream, and will undoubtedly make for a intoxicating live show on June 7th.

Having recently worked with Brit Award and BAFTA winning film makers Tinge Krishnan and Jamie Thraves, as well as some top music producers for the album, PolSky have been played extensively on BBC Radio 6 and have also featured in the Apple TV Show WeCrashed. In short, the band are at the top of their game, and are just now rising to immense new levels of reach. Not to be missed.

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