PODCAST - Stickman Sessions 08: Imani Wj Wright (Swano) - Stereo Stickman

PODCAST – Stickman Sessions 08: Imani Wj Wright (Swano)


Artist and music journalist Imani Wj Wright joins the show to talk about the importance of networking and hard work when building a career in the music industry. Having performed at Sofar Sounds, supported some big names, written single and live show reviews here at Stereo Stickman and elsewhere, and given a Ted Talk – Imani is the perfect example of how important it is to branch out creatively if you’re serious about your craft.

NB: This conversation was originally recorded towards the end of 2018, so some of the events talked about will already have passed.

During the show Imani’s single Home is played. Listen to more of his music via Spotify. Find & follow him on Instagram or visit the Swano Website for more information.

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