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PHONOCUT: HOME VINYL RECORDER – High quality records at the push of a button


Halfway through an already impressively successful Kickstarter campaign, on-the-button innovators Phonocut are reinventing the vinyl making process.

Taking note of the recent rise in vinyl sales – vinyls even surpassing digital sales in recent years – Vienna’s Phonocut are working hard to remove the middle man; making home vinyl production an accessible and widely appealing possibility.

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With the PHONOCUT Home Vinyl Recorder anybody can produce their own records at just the push of a button.

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No technical knowledge or background required, Phonocut have simplified the entire vinyl printing system – grab your Phonocut, some blanks, the digital device and the music you wish to record, and away you go.

Where the digital world has sped up to such a pace that’s it’s become almost unbearable for some, the physical world is slowly but surely finding ways to reignite our love for actual, touchable products. Whether it’s your own music or a set you want to utilize on classic decks, this seems like a genuine breakthrough that’s likely to prove invaluable for many music fans – not least of all the 300+ eager customers who’ve already backed the campaign.

PHONOCUT’s founders are Impossible Project co-founder Florian “Doc” Kaps, record cutting lathe expert Flo Kaufmann, Internet Entrepreneur David Bohnett and Arts Technologist KamranV.

Check out the campaign via Kickstarter. Find & follow Phonocut on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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