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Perky Perspectives (PODCAST)


Perky Perspectives Podcasts was created to give voice to people of color around topics that are not always comfortable, but are necessary.

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Already close to its fortieth episode, Perky Perspectives is a great vibes podcast, with a uniquely entertaining and likable set-up, and a series of concepts explored that appeal for their purity and truthfulness.

Delving into live events and literally making certain to be involved on the scene rather than sitting back and separating herself from the topics at hand, the host of Perky Perspectives has been podcasting and performing as a host and poet for several years now, and that experience and acquired knowledge is showcased in strong supply throughout the show.

Talk of everything from finance to destiny crops up, presenting a host with a genuinely open mind, and a plethora of information gained from actually moving and connecting and engaging with the community.

In a recent episode, the host talks about how other podcasts like to lay out what can and can’t be talked about beforehand – already the realness kind of falls away in many cases. This is a big part of what makes Perky Perspectives so refreshing – you can tell by the flow of the discussion, even of the hosts opening monologue, that there is a no-holds-barred approach at hand, and for all of these reasons it makes for a welcomed change from the monotony of the mainstream.

This recent episode also digs into the topic of mental health, and again, the honest angle really makes the content all the more valuable – and the host’s authenticity and insight (that of a current social worker) is incredibly comforting and informative. There’s a fine balance between humor and seriousness, and that’s something the show has skillfully yet naturally captured at an impressive level.

Featuring a number of different segments, guests, and topics, Perky Perspectives includes the Love Period Project in its first series, which you can trace back and delve into today to hear all about the experiences other women endure regarding feminine health. Among many other topics covered, discussions like this help create a space in which listeners can feel less isolated, more understood, and involved in something real and relevant. Absolutely worth knowing about.

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Founder & Editor

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