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Peach Jam Podcast – Indie Songs & Stories


As the global indie music network continues to expand its connections, Peach Jam Podcast raise the bar over in Georgia, with their unique fusion of songs and stories from independent bands and artists.

Shining the spotlight on the hard-working creatives embracing both the studio and stage, Peach Jam Podcast brings a beautiful balance of realism and positivity throughout each thirty minute episode. The interviews not only showcase the best of each act’s music, but also introduce them on a individual level, delving into stories ranging from the light and humorous to the deeply personal. Always it makes for an inspiring listen, and a welcomed introduction to yet another indie act brilliantly uniting passion, precision and work ethic to carve out a lasting careers as a musician.

One recent episode presented the wonderful band Thoughts Are Nuclear, and eclectic alt-rock act with hints of influence from The Chilli’s blending into a more performative rock and roll edge, always with strength of songwriting and intention at the heart of each song.

Noting dozens of episode releases over the past twelve months, Peach Jam Podcast manages to provide a listen that’s both concise and authentic in depicting the reality of life for creatively devoted people. As we always try to remind readers ourselves, there a innumerous lanes available if music truly is the dream, and in many cases these independent celebrations of success are the most rewarding and promise the most heartfelt, genuine music and live shows of all.

From established singer-songwriters like Lauren Morrow, Chadster and Eddie 9V, to fully-fledged rock, bluegrass and alt-folk bands renowned across their local scenes, the Peach Jam Podcast digs deep into the highs and lows of everything to do with pursuing and maintaining a life immersed in making music.

Regardless of where you’re based, this independent music Podcast makes for an inspiring and valuable listen, which will hopefully help keep the songwriters and producers of the world pushing towards their goals, whilst introducing many more indie gems with superb musical repertoires to their name.

Find the Peach Jam Podcast on Apple, YouTube, Instagram & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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