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Parents’ Night In, with Justin Ballard (PODCAST)


A movie review show with a unique dynamic – husband and wife duo Justin and Kelly dig deep into classic and contemporary films alike, watching in real time and clearly holding nothing at all back throughout these hour long episodes.

Blending opinionated reflections with factual insights regarding the history and making of these films, episodes of Parents’ Night In prove refreshingly interesting when compared to the vast majority of simply opinion-led review shows. Kelly and Justin are story-tellers by nature, and their natural calm and confidence on air almost makes you forget the movie review aspect and simply allows you to get lost in the discussion.

A recent episode looks back at the 1978 Superman movie, touching on Cristopher Reeves’ breakthrough, the hosts offering their own memories regarding the first emergence of the film.

An additionally likeable aspect of Parents’ Night In is that the duo are not only avid movie fans but equally avid beer fans. Cracking open a can or two for each session, the pair reflect on the beer at hand, and notably (rightfully) achieve an increasingly laid-back, inhibition-free conversation style as the time goes by.

Kelly’s higher energy level creates a strong back and forth with Justin’s more mellow, care-free attitude. It makes for an unbiased review show, which ultimately welcomes any and all listeners, with their own opinions and memories from the film world, and this inclusivity makes all the difference.

Already 26 episodes deep, there’s plenty to catch up on and binge through – and plenty of classic movies to be reminded of, particularly during these isolated times in our lives. From Wayne’s World to The GodFather to Good Will Hunting to Guardians Of The Galaxy – no genre is out of bounds, and no impactful movie forgotten. Enjoy.

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