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Ouch! Was That a Ghost? – Paranormal True Crime Podcast


“Do you kiss your partner goodnight with a sweet I love you just before cozying up on the couch with a glass of wine & fluffy blanket to watch a documentary on how to kill & get away with it? You have come to the right place!”

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For those who crave answers to the most unnerving stories, a true crime and paranormal podcast that delves into the most interesting and eerie stories from throughout recent history – and does so with a refreshing twist of authenticity and fun.

Ouch! Was That a Ghost is a podcast you only need to hear once to decide that you’re a fan of. Their name is as memorable as their podcasting format, and any single episode from their repertoire thus far makes for a wholly engrossing listen.

As an introduction, Episode 9, Dyatlov, marks a strong introduction to the banter and naturally positive energy that Liss and Lee (and occasionally Mike!) bring to the True Crime and Paranormal scene. It leads with the fascinating and deeply disconcerting story of the mysterious deaths of nine Soviet hikers back in 1959. On finding their corpses, the revelations about what happened proved increasingly disturbing – what caused them to leave their tents at minus-30 in the night, barefoot? Demonic possession? Bigfoot? Aliens? Fireballs? Natural disaster? Military or government intervention?

The tale is unsettling, to say the least, and the research put into delivering it is second to none. The theories are extensive, and the podcast covers them all. What’s refreshing about the Ouch! Was That a Ghost approach, however, is the playful and somewhat carefree presentation surrounding the harrowing stories at its core.

There’s something comforting about hearing the hosts discuss these events, it’s like just hanging out with friends and attempting to dissect the problems of the world; as we all do. And that’s precisely the angle of the podcast – it’s directed at those who love horror, true crime, spooky stories and haunting truths, but who also live perfectly joyful lives simultaneously, and simply take to the contrast of the paranormal and crime as a means of escapism.

Rather than simply reading the information to us, the duo create a back and forth that invites you to feel part of the conversation, and actually splits up the segments in a way that lets the details – the missing limbs, facial trauma, radioactivity, testing, history, aliens, the unknown and still unresolved – intrigue but not overwhelm.

In short, the hosts break the ice within moments, and proceed to captivate brilliantly thanks to that early connection, as they delve into the darker details of each story. That juxtaposition between the light-hearted and the intense is key to making this such a compelling podcast, and thanks to the hosts’ genuine interest in all things true crime and creepy or unsettling, that quality continues throughout a plethora of interesting and often lesser known stories.

New episodes of Ouch! Was That a Ghost? drop every Thursday at 5am, but there’s also Torture Tuesdays, meaning that in six short months the podcast has already amassed an impressive number of episodes for you to binge your way through. Topics so far include the Moth Man, Carl Tanzler, Lizzie Borden, and the most recent episode at the time of writing, Black Dahlia.

Despite their own family values, Ouch! Was That a Ghost is far from family-friendly, but is absolutely worth your time if you’re looking for a fresh take and some otherwise forgotten about stories that will shake you to your core.

Find Ouch was that a ghost on Apple, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok or visit their Website. Support them directly and get ad-free episodes and exclusive behind the scenes content via Patreon.

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