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OohYah! – A Streaming Solution to Supercharge Your Music Career


What is OohYah!?

OohYah is a newly launched streaming platform designed to help artists and musicians from independent to mainstream levels progress effectively with their careers.

Most streaming platforms sadly don’t pay the artists that contribute to their playlists. This platform pays its artists on a monthly basis, so for those of us who struggle to make ends meet between relentlessly gigging and selling CDs and downloads, OohYah offers a reliable and regular additional income that lets you maintain complete control of your music.

How Do Musicians Use OohYah!? 

Artists, musicians and bands simply sign up to the OohYah Website and create an account. Their fans, potential and existing, can create free accounts and then browse for their favourite artists. If they choose to subscribe, they pay a supporting fee for that particular artist, after which they can listen at any time and stay in the loop regarding new releases. Each artist or band decides upon this fee – you choose a price you feel is fair or that you know your fans would be happy to contribute.

As the artist, you pay OohYah a small fee from your earnings, and keep the vast majority of it to help support yourself as you progress within the industry. Regardless of how many subscribing fans you acquire on the platform, OohYah pays out every single month, and you always hold on to that control as to how much it costs for fans to be involved.

OohYah brings value to artists from the fans who care.

Living a life you love, particularly a creative one, often means having to struggle your way to the top. With OohYah, even the most lesser known or newest upcoming artists can begin to build and monetize their own music careers. Take control of your music and create a lasting community of listeners.

Visit the OohYah! Website for more information or follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

OohYah! Music That's Worth it!

Posted by OohYah on Friday, January 4, 2019

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