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My World From My Living Room (Inspiring Personal Growth Podcast)


Introducing a swiftly expanding podcast community – Individuals united in their passion for balancing creative pursuits & parenthood…

Expertly captured and concise enough to hold attention well – My World From My Living Room acts as a fine balance between the personal and the professional, making for an insightful but also refreshingly welcoming, intimate Podcast format.

Songwriter and photographer Chaz Langley directly addresses his audience, and with focused episodic intentions proceeds to dig into his story in an open and inspiring way. He details his time as a songwriter in Nashville, his move to New York, his early career struggles, family values, and the highs and lows of an ambitious life – all with an articulate and imagery-laden, cinematic approach; complete with accompanying musical backdrops to reinforce the changing stages of each story.

Episode One of My World From My Living Room is the perfect starting point. Chaz already leads with confidence and a smooth, calm demeaner, giving off a sense of leadership and relatability combined; a fine and rare balance to achieve.

From here on in, any of the dozens of episodes available make for a comforting and inspiring listen. Chaz explores topics like co-parenting, a definite highlight for its topical relevance and the sheer transparency and realness of Chaz’ perspective. Other subjects include singing jingles, photography, turning fifty, finding happiness, and just about everything else that Chaz regards as having helped build a life to be proud of. His willingness to be completely candid is hugely valuable, and shines with particular brightness in his talks on fatherhood, relationships, and respect.

It’s not simply the topics chosen that make this podcast what it is, it’s that fact Chaz consistently presents them in a genuinely honest, emotive and humble way. The very power of this podcast resides in these qualities, a sense of Chaz being born to present this kind of positively influential show, but also that there’s absolutely nothing fake or false about the manner in which he does so.

It’s a trait to be treasured these days, that realness and purity, and for listeners looking to engage or find something emotionally rooted and real to have playing as they go about their day – My World From My Living Room is a definite recommend.

SEASON 2 premieres on all platforms on MARCH 18th! Chaz steps into a familiar realm of one on one conversations as he invites guests into his home for intimate and inspiring conversations to add this already compelling podcast, My World from My Living Room.

Find My World From My Living Room Podcast on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram & the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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