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Zságer Balázs Esik Eső (feat. Дeva)


Cinematic mastery designed to humbly envelop listeners in a progressively intense, slowly but surely evolving blanket of sound and feeling – Hungarian composer and producer Zságer Balázs captures the essence of immersive audio, with the provocative, powerful and deeply moving single Esik Eső.

Built around natural world sounds and meditative stillness, later a pulsating minimalist rhythm and almost eighties-sci-fi arrangement of synths, Esik Eső increases its haunting yet optimistic grip throughout a near seven minute work. Familiar threads forever maintain relevance, whilst an impressively diverse production utilises intricate details and rising electronic passion to reinforce the power and presence of the moment.

Featuring blissful vocals from Дeva, Esik Eső rains down like an intimate but other-worldly dream. The track is taken from the album AQUA OBSCURA – a conceptual project created to explore a range of mystical fables and rituals relating to water. Zságer’s intention is to guide listeners through a tapestry of scenes, from the seven seas to hazy forest lakes, all the while igniting images and ideas relating to mythical creatures and Hungarian Folklore.

As an introduction to this journey, Esik Eső does everything it needs to – asserting dominance with delicacy and purpose, taking the time to expand around its audience by way of subtle but effective nuances and expressions, and in the process delivering a wholly enchanting, calming and near-euphoric audio venture.

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