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ZicZac Step Aside


Uniquely cinematic production alongside familiar trap rhythms and unpredictable creativity backs up the gritty and unwaveringly confident bars of singer and artist ZicZac.

The brand new single Step Aside undoubtedly emerges as a colourful and characterful release. Both the soundscape and the performance deliver a theatrical sense of identity that’s unmistakable.

Featuring an aptly anthemic hook bringing essential melody and uplift to break the intensity and flow of the rap verses, Step Aside proves as structurally unexpected as it is fearlessly bold and focused on self-empowerment.

ZicZac the artist appears to take influence from pop and EDM as much so as classic hip hop. The sung chorus furthers his versatile approach, and the second verse reinforces the eclecticism of his style by switching up the flow and energy of the outpouring.

Then we get that haunting, melodic middle-8, a little System of a Down-like for yet another twist of influence, before the final section proceeds to draw awareness back to the underlying concept.

ZicZac is devoted to the climb, to success as well as the colour and entertainment of music in all of its forms. While Step Aside is not necessarily typical given such a dynamic and ever-evolving style, it defiantly introduces a recognisable voice in both artistry and tone.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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