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Braced for impact and aptly intense form the moment it begins, ZEBBZUTTO’s sequel project YOUNG ZUTTO 2 aims high with heavy bass-work, tribal rhythms, haunting riffs and gritty vocals.

Zachary Brown is the rapper, singer and songwriter behind ZEBZUTTO, and brings a defiant level of youthful optimism, confidence and character to the modern scene.

Backed by a fiercely recognisable soundscape, WAR STORIES emerges as devoted to both the contemporary rap sound and a more poetically intentional writing style. The production is unignorable, breathy fragments of voice creating a sense of desperation and passion, and effectively supporting the fearless conviction of ZEBBZUTTO’s performance.

XDX follows and we’re into a more classic trap sound, with a call-and-response vocal effect and sci-fi-like surrounding ambiance for another musical shift. The voice is unmistakable now, feeling like a high-octane freestyle but with just enough flow and story to maintain a degree of purpose.

Wrapping things up is a notably more creative piece that takes its time to build. Survival Tactics proves ultimately just as intense and dreamy as the prior tracks, but there’s a cinematic and cultural quality to the style, as well as a versatility to ZEBB’s delivery. This approach helps add a little artistry at the final hurdle, whilst holding close to that essential contemporary appeal.

Download or stream YOUNG ZUTTO 2 here or follow ZEBBZUTTO on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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