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Zaz Eblouie Par la Nuit


A quick look at a song that first made it’s waves when we heard it throughout, and right at the end of, a pretty powerful Colin Farrell film. Was it a pretty powerful film, or – misguided emotions, due to such a powerful song? We’ll never know. This song is superb, and the voice with which it is delivered will both break and mend your heart, all in less than three minutes.

Zaz is a superstar across Europe, particularly in her homeland of France. Her music is the perfect fusion of jazz and soul, made ever so slightly more emotional and accessible with the soft and honest sound of her voice, as well as the regular, raw, acoustic presentations we’re blessed with. This song in particular is just perfect for that end of movie moment, as your chest tightens and those tears start to fall. And as soon as you’ve heard it – we guarantee you’ll have to sing it, loudly, at least once.

If you don’t speak French, get a new tab opened up and translate the lyrics to this. An unmissable piece of songwriting.

“Eblouie par la nuit à coup de lumière mortelle..”

Lyrically and melodically, this song is an absolute dream; throw in that effortless strength of the voice and performance that is Zaz, and it’s nothing short of a work of art. To the UK, and elsewhere outside of the mainland, she’s something of an underground Megastar – if there is such a thing. Find her on Facebook and Twitter. And feel free to press play again so you can dramatically sing along to that opening line. We understand. We’re right there with you.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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