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Zay Dax Make A Scene


The Only G.O.D.S (The Only Guys/Girls on Different Shit) is a project founded by artist and rapper Zay Dax. His debut EP is due for release this year, and to listen to his music so far is to notice, above all else, how sharp his lyricism is. I Know (Feat. Jahlil) is an RnB-meets-hip-hop classic that fuses melody with a fast-flowing rap performance and a recognisable touch of auto-tune, alongside of a fairly mellow beat. What’s It Gon Be comes through in a subsequently familiar way. The mood is similarly mellow, easy to vibe to, and the leading artist’s voice is recognisable now and appears as the smooth and confident driving force behind the song’s ideas. The delicacy of the music on this one is quite distinctive, the instrumentation veers off down its own unique pathway, showcasing another side to Dax’ creativity and potentially suggesting that there’s a lot to look forward to with future releases.

The latest single, due to be released on April 18th, is the notably memorable Make A Scene, a track which, from a brief early listen, offers perhaps his most striking hook to date. The performance aspect of Dax’ artistry is unquestionable, the fact that he began his career simply free-styling among friends rings clear throughout his releases – his flow, his mellow air of confidence; it all points in the direction of experience and a gradually developed skill-set. What looks likely to separate him from the masses though, is both his choice or crafting of a musical backdrop, and his songwriting. Make A Scene strikes with the concept and melody required to make certain it lingers in your mind after listening. Having heard his previous singles, the sound is still his, it stays true to his creative desires, but in this case the whole process has been cranked up a few notches, and the progression pays off.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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