Zakk Roberts - DR0000 0007 - Stereo Stickman

Zakk Roberts DR0000 0007


Nashville’s Zakk Roberts presents music fans with a creatively free and notably down to earth take on instrumental rock music. His guitar sound comes soaked in the sound of hard rock and metal. The solo instrumental performance he puts forth meanders in a way that feels like a freestyle or a jam session, unexpectedly not dissimilar to the way in which jazz musicians allow their performances to take on a mind of their own. There’s a definite realness to the sound and this gives it a level of personality and grit that isn’t often found in fully polished and compressed rock tracks.

Zakk Roberts’ recordings are all generally less than two minutes long, so what you get is a brief snippet of creative flair – a momentary burst of energy and volume. His passion for music and the weight of distortion are showcased throughout. The notes chosen on this particular release all fall within a certain spectrum, though if you listen carefully to the two varying sections – the mood moves from the fairly optimistic to the fairly dark within a very short space of time. The more joyful moments, as it were, actually come through much louder than the melancholy ones – whether this was intentional or not is unknown, but given the raw and unfiltered nature of the performance it seems there was undoubtedly an element of emotional input that has rightfully affected the way in which the performance is received.

As the recording features a single instrument, it leaves plenty of room and possibility for collaboration. Zakk Roberts’ passion for rock music and metal, for creative expression, for the electric guitar and distortion, is unquestionable. One of the key ingredients in creating something with impact and that is memorable is to have that initial love for the process. It will be great to see how things progress from here on in.

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