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Zak Ferentz Hudson County


Before I delve into what is undoubtedly some beautifully heartfelt and passionate songwriting, it has to be said that there is a gorgeously appealing and rather soothing quality to Zak Ferentz’ voice – it draws you into the centre of this single in a fully immersive manner. Maybe the gradual build-up of the music magnifies this effect, but the song starts off with a delicate acoustic ambiance, so only the voice and the words are there to guide you.

As things build, the music, the passion and the lyrics all work up and up towards an intense and mighty resolve. Later on, the weight falls away again, and Zak’s voice remains. This melody in particular, the sudden upper notes and the subsequent softer ones within each line, keep your focus on his voice and keep you feeling as if this moment really means something to him; so it starts to do the same for you. The rhythm with which the melody is delivered has a subtly infectious nature to it – those words and thus the artists’s ideas linger in your mind for quite some time after listening.

Musically the track sounds beautiful, even the raw acoustic moments work in winning your affection, but as the various instrumental layers start pouring through – the increase in energy and strength is mesmerizing and quite uplifting. Your own emotions and energy levels rise up in unison with the song and with the way the singer’s passion consistently gathers momentum.

Zak Ferentz writes and performs from a place of artistry and heart, and you can hear this in the music – authenticity can’t be faked in a manner that connects so deeply. Hudson County is the title track from an upcoming longer project – one that will undoubtedly be worth a look when the time comes.

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