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Zachary Campos Trial


The unmistakable Zachary Campos masters the storytelling format, with his latest instantly gripping single Trial.

Promising verses more focused than ever, a fast-paced outpouring of scenes that captivate, Trial is a song based around the Franz Kafka novel The Trial, and delivers a breathless encapsulation of that across less than a minute and a half of music.

Guided by Zachary Campos’ ever recognisable voice, alongside a notably loaded pop-rock arrangement, Trial is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and devoted tracks to emerge from this corner of alternative punk and rap. The story is that of bank officer Josef K, a man who is arrested on the day of his 30th birthday, and it follows the subsequent trial in which he must defend himself against a charge he knows nothing about.

Having found an unexpected connection to the character, Campos explores the story in a freshly artistic manner, drawing focus to the tale and internally comparing Josef K to historical heroes like John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Muhammad Ali.

From a musical perspective, Campos notes The Beatles plus DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince as part of his forever versatile array of influences. As the joyous tumble of those drums kicks things off, followed by the high-energy bass line and the likable meeting of electric and acoustic guitar, the freedom of music in general stands tall.

Not only one of his most committed examples of storytelling, but also one of his most full-sounding, multi-layered productions, Trial appears to present a masterful new angle from the San Jose rapper and creative. The song holds attention throughout and is genuinely likable, intriguing, and memorable to let play.

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