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Zachary Campos Lesson


Back from his break and the wonderfully impactful extension of his family, and already embracing a fresh style – Zachary Campos presents an eighties-inspired new-wave pop rock arrangement and song, which celebrates taking the time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of life.

Lesson kicks up the pace from the outset, a colourful arrangement of guitars, bass, synths and fast-paced drums pouring through to immediately present a sense of moving at tempo whilst feeling grounded and comforted along the way.

Josh Zuckermann and Tim J Abbott produced the track once again, and there’s something about Zachary’s vocal tone here and the softness of that within the mix, which helps really bring home the presence and gratitude of the lyrics.

‘Life is a lesson, It’s a blessing’ starts and ends the track, a humble and calmly delivered reminder to cherish these days we get to share with our loved ones in this beautiful world. The performance is mildly melodic, breathy and quite soulful – an alternative angle for Zachary, but no less recognisable given the defiant level of identity that rings loud throughout his repertoire.

From the album The Underdog, Lesson is track eight of ten, and was recorded at Santa Clara’s Kingdom Voice Productions. It’s a slightly longer than standard single for Zachary Campos, but still comes in at just two minutes and ten seconds – an uplifting outpouring of optimism and pace all cleverly kept stable and still by the mellow and authentically appreciative sound of Zachary’s voice.

Download or stream Lesson. Find Zachary Campos on Apple, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Genius & his Website. Artwork by Santiago Diaz.

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