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Zachary Campos Finale


Where to begin with this one – simplicity and bliss united amidst the ever-unexpected creative purity of Zachary Campos. Acoustic ukulele finger-picking offers up an instantly disarming melody and mood, followed by the unprecedented introduction of Zachary’s beautifully enchanting singing voice.

Finale is everything it’s title suggests – the last song from the latest EP The Castle, releasing May 10th, and sadly the last song to emerge from Zachary at all before his retirement from music. This one hits hard and in the process shines a whole new light of appreciation on his creative repertoire from the past twelve months.

Musically inspired by the Simon and Garfunkel project Bridge Over Troubled Water, Finale was produced by Josh Zuckermann and Tim J Abbott, written and composed by Zachary Campos, and speaks on growing up and gratitude. The song declares a clear appreciation for family, for their support, and imparts wisdom that inspires a similar sense of opportunity and love for the things that truly matter.

Beautifully performed, humble and easy-going, to the point – Finale is a dream to listen to, an intimate and organic arrangement that soothes the soul and celebrates the joys that were and those that are yet to come. The voice has a mildly Johnny Cash-like quality, and the arrangement is nostalgic but crisp in its stylistic connection.

Perhaps his most timeless and impactful release to date, but as mentioned, Finale draws focus to the artistry at the heart of everything Zachary Campos has recorded, and it lets the music reach out with all the more strength.

Wishing Zachary and his family a bright and wonderful future, good fortune in his ambitions to become an author, and massive congratulations for the incoming arrival of his baby girl. Finale feels like the perfect way to mark the beginning of this exciting new chapter.

“I had a great time

Finding peace of mind

Hitting send

The End.”

Download or stream The Castle. Find Zachary Campos on Apple, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Genius & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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