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Zach Andersen Imperfect Timing


Zach Andersen’s EP Imperfect Timing presents audiences with a string of uplifting and joyful chord progressions, as well as a notably accessible, very real, deeply human array of vocal performances – all of which helps make this an honest and enjoyable project.

Imperfect is the opening track and offers perhaps the most memorable hook section of all. The song is simplistically built, the instrumentation is organic and adds significantly to the warmth of the songs, and the sound of Zach’s leading voice and the backing vocals of Steph Serenita create a certain reality and depth that drives the essence of the song and its concept effectively. The single is hopeful and quirky and invites you to simply smile and enjoy the moment.

Following on from the opener, Won’t Worry is something of a country rock inspired song. The music features a crisp and stylish guitar solo from Eric Andersen that shows itself in between verses. The verses themselves offer a memorable melody and a display of imagery and storytelling that continues the easy going energy of the project. The concept of this particular song is greatly enhanced by the smooth and laid back energy of the instrumentation. The idea of letting things go, not worrying, not stressing, is forever valuable, and this song encapsulates it well. It’s interesting, however, that things change towards the end of the track. It’s a fairly human trait to convince oneself not to worry, to then follow this up with intense and uncontrollable worrying. Again, there’s a hugely accessible and very human energy to this songwriting.

Waiting For Words brings about a peaceful, mellow vibe; an almost entirely acoustic song at first. The melody is strong once again. The variety offered between songs here is impressive. As things build up, the positivity returns – there’s a sense of people being stronger together, and the whole thing evolves into a beautifully warm piece of music and writing. There are some lovely, poetic lyrics in this song, and as always, the organic nature of the recording allows you to feel at one with the music, to relate to it, to rightfully take it all as very genuine. This song is a definite highlight of the EP.

The final official song of the four track project is Timing. This song offers a piano driven ballad of sorts, with a contrasting, high energy riff behind the peaceful simplicity of the marked chords; it makes for a fairly striking ambiance and showcases the wonderful work of pianist Rhiannon Brown. The honesty embedded within the lyrics is forever unapologetic, and this is the sort of realness that many listeners crave in music. Even the development of the melody in this case comes through as something of a free-style on occasion, not succumbing to any predefined structures or rules set by mainstream music. The freedom of creativity and expression is powerful. Zach Andersen bares his soul, in many ways, throughout the songs included in this release, and the music supports and enhances it at every step.

In addition to those mentioned, the EP features the effective rhythm keeping of drummer Joshua Carruthers, the skillful bass playing of Matt Lugo, and the subtle yet sublime Cello skills of Laura Klein. The project was produced by Nathan Sage, mastered by Dan Coutant, and the artwork is that of the talented Hunter Horsman. The deluxe version of the EP as linked to below offers a collection of ten recordings and includes some stripped back, acoustic versions of the songs that present a further touch of realness and intimacy.

Download the EP via Bandcamp. Find & follow Zach Andersen on Facebook, Reverbnation & Instagram.

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