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Zach Andersen What Will My Story Be? (Feat. Blake Bassett)


Simplicity of set-up meets with the longevity of melodic appeal, as Zach Andersen once again showcases the strength of his songwriting, for What Will My Story Be?

Standing tall on the back of its easy piano build-up and the sheer impact of that descending melody for the title and hook, the song was written and recorded to be the theme for Synced Together: AMV’s and their Editors. Blake Bassett provides vocals, adding a sense of delicacy and urgency combined as the energy and melody rise and envelop the listener.

From a creative perspective, the folk-pop arrangement offers familiarity, and that organic, simple touch allows the natural strength of the melody to really connect.

The verses are quiet, contemplative, before the resolving yet still thoughtful peak of the hook falls into view and quickly delivers an earworm for listeners far and wide. The accompanying piano reinforces this, consistently returning to that tuneful progression, subtle yet effective, and leaving the sound lingering once the music has ended.

Composed by Zach Andersen, the single also features Rhiannon Brown on piano, Nathan Sage of Sage Sound Studios on production and synths, and was mastered by Dan Coutant of Sun Room Audio.

Devotedly inspiring, What Will My Story Be? manages to achieve a fine balance between the deeply personal and the broadly accessible – the artist’s own search for answers ultimately becoming the ideal gift for an audience with equally thoughtful tendencies.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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