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Zach Andersen Spend My Life (feat. Lucy Isabel)


Zach Andersen’s return this year brings back the familiar delicacy of his voice and the peaceful honesty of his lyricism, all of which is set upon a gorgeously crafted and beautifully produced musical backdrop.

Spend My Life is a lovely song, the sort that works its magic from the offset and continues to keep you entertained and connected throughout. The expression of love within works effectively in itself as Zach Andersen’s leading voice offers a certain vulnerability and realness that is a pleasure to witness. In addition though, this song brings through the collaborative vocals of Lucy Isabel – this introduction of a second character, a counterpart to deliver the concept, works really well in enhancing that underlying loyalty and loving sentiment.

What’s great about this song is that you would recognise and enjoy it as just the voice and the acoustic guitar – the sort of song that shines brightly from the corner of the bar, drawing your attention and affection in a gentle and simple way. For this particular release though, the two voices together, as well as certain instrumental flickers of colour elsewhere, work hard to create a complete single that makes for a go-to track; relevant to a number of different moments throughout your day. Furthering the effect is the fact that it feels like a duet, as opposed to a mere artist feature. The two voices intertwine harmoniously at first, then the song itself is structured and separated so as to allow each side of the conversation to express memories and dedicate their thoughts to the other.

The song is beautiful, the sort that would settle in confidently as the ‘our song’ for any number of couples in love. It’s personal and emotional, but the imagery and the ideas are perhaps purposely quite vague – so these instances can be applied to many listeners. It connects really well, a great bit of songwriting and gorgeously performed and captured. The switch to the reggae-style rhythm towards the end adds a final touch of welcomed creativity to the expression.

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