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Z Quest New Horizon


New Horizon¬†by Israel based musical duo Z Quest is unbelievably easy to forget yourself to. Expecting something much heavier for the sheer mention of electronic rock, it’s likely you’ll be completely blown away by the intricate and beautiful soundscape that actually unfolds.

The task of reviewing music becomes something of a challenge when you forget the reason you pressed play, or that you have pressed play at all. This is the sort of music that immediately absorbs your concerns. It soaks into your consciousness Рinteracting with every bit of imagery and depth that your mind can conjure up among the inspiration.

The track begins as a dreamlike, electronic synth-riff collective with a dash of saxophone. The beat is muffled and distant, soon evolving into something much more crisp and cool, and all the while this ambient wave of sound flows out and around you, seemingly from every corner of the room. There are some sublime moments of detail within the mix that really draw your focus in varying directions. Structurally, this evolution is consistent and ever interesting, though for the purpose of maintaining the mood, the sentiment of the song; there are one or two threads that remain in tact – carrying the essence of the piece and keeping you contained within this particular world of expression, however vast it becomes.

Z Quest are an incredibly unique and appealing electronic music group. There’s something very inspiring about the instrumental story the music portrays, and all the while, as the details explore the scenes and the set, the backdrop keeps the ambiance at a blissful and beautiful level. This is escapism at its greatest, the effect is instantaneous. The only downside is that it ends. Well worth a fair few repeat listens.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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