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Yung Quip’s musical catalogue is growing fast and strong. Structures is his latest EP release, along with a couple of recent singles and a previous EP entitled Pressure released only this January. Hard work pays off. Structures brings together smooth beats and the Yung Quip vocal sound and lyrical approach in a familiar yet fresh way – telling his story, toying around with flow – from the mellow to the fast paced; SPEED RACE (Prod. BeniHanah) opens things up and is all of this at once. The beat has a delicate melody or riff running throughout the backdrop that sinks in well during those structural pauses.

Blow Up (Prod. BeniHana) changes the mood a little, taking a slightly more electronically vibrant or trip-hop inspired backdrop and presenting something of an RnB inspired track. Yung Quip gives out that balance between what is sung and what is rapped. The track has an easy hook, the mellow beat and the notes chosen for this – as well as the space at the end of the key line – it all works to make certain you know it, and that you know what matters and what this is all about. It’s a smooth piece of music and performance that works well as the central track on the short collection.

The project’s title track brings things to a close. Produced by CORMILL, the track introduces yet another smooth and lightly uplifting beat – the music feels hopeful, calm and content but inspired to move forwards. Yung Quip feeds into that sentiment further with his consistently evolving performance throughout – he moves from the gentle and mellow to the harder hitting and high energy, all in line with how the music progresses, making for perhaps the most memorable and enjoyable of the whole EP.

Shortly after the EP came through on Soundcloud, Yung Quip continued to put out more music. Nights (Prod. Marz) is another big track, recognisable after a single listen, a great beat that allows a slightly different aura to emerge, which, in turn, changes the tone and style of the rapper’s performance. This one has another simple yet effective hook, an easy concept that meets the mood of the music, and a few select notes that let it linger in your mind. That backdrop again is easy to vibe to, mellow yet quick to surround you. This is what you come to know of Yung Quip’s music, the vibe is consistently down tempo and smooth, though never lacking in passion. The vocals are generally placed a little further back in the mix than a lot of modern hip hop releases. It has the effect of making it feel like a further instrumental but with that necessary touch of humanity and realness.

Too Lit (Prod. FREZE MUZIK) is his latest release and undoubtedly one of the most colourful and characterful yet. That inherent Yung Quip sound remains though, the calming nature of his voice, the low-key level of motivational energy. The backdrop is multi-layered and well structured, and the artist’s leading voice is a little further forward here, adding a touch more of something relatable or that people can connect with. The flow is hypnotic on this one, forever evolving again, keeping you interested, but maintaining a certain level of rhythm that works hard to let you escape or to get your confidence up for the night ahead – whatever you turn to music for.

There’s no shortage of music over on Yung Quip’s Soundcloud page. Embrace the playlist as a full collection or take on these smaller projects one by one to get a gradual feel for the creativity and lyricism. There’s likely to be a lot more on the way.

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