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Yung Kennerdy Block Party / Adolecent (Feat. Bj54321)


Block Party is a quality hip hop track with a brilliantly uplifting, optimistic vibe to it. Showcasing the best of the collaborative duo’s abilities, Yung Kennerdy and Bj54321 both light up the room with this track and get you feeling good in a quick minute.

Stanton Benjamin Cooley Jr. is the artist and producer otherwise known as Bj54321. Block Party is a bold and likable introduction to his work, loaded with positive energy and superbly produced so as to let the music just pour through in an honest and colourful way. The lyrics are equally hopeful, focused on togetherness and good times – let the kids run and play, won’t nobody get shot today – the soundscape and the genuine tone of the voices featured throughout all feed into this sentiment beautifully. The track has plenty of personality too, so the concept and the overall sound settles in well – it becomes quickly familiar, recognizable, and a pleasure to turn up loud and escape within.

Everything the title promises is offered within the track, as well as a whole host of enjoyable qualities that help make this a refreshing and stand out hip hop track from the final moments of 2018. The accompanying video greatly reinforces the values and the good energy represented in the song.

Another recent collaboration from these two artists is Adolecent, a notably smoother track – one that feels confidently rooted in and inspired by classic hip hop from a simpler time. Having said that, the track builds and brightens up more and more so as it progresses, and always that leading voice and the ideas hold tight to this central optimism and empowering level of strength.

The music on this second track is beautiful, almost jazz-like in some respects, presenting a mellow summertime vibe in others – reminiscent of classic or vintage hip hop, but with a clearly professional production job that lets it all feel fresh and crisp.

The rap flow on this and indeed on the previous track is superb. Occasionally you can get either an incredibly impressive backing track or an incredibly captivating leading vocalist – rarely do you get the pleasure of experiencing both at once. In this case, the music and the performances – the lyricism, the flow, the tone – everything is well above par. Skillfully crafted, creative and ambient, rhythmic and entrancing – lifting you up, filling the room with lightness and comfort. There are hints of recognisable riffs and melodies but this feels complete and new as its own thing.

A different mood is set by this latter track but the threads that hold the sound together in each case are distinctive and make sense being from the same creators. It gives you hope for a longer project and makes you likely to seek out a live show. There’s always plenty of room for this kind of finely balanced fusion of positivity and talent. Well worth stumbling upon and I look forward to hearing more. Turn these tracks up loud.

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