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YoungRell804 Street Quality Muzik Instrumentals


Producer YoungRell804 makes original beats that creatively fuse professionalism and emotion – offering rappers and artists the perfect ambiance within which to build or perform their best work.

Showcasing a clear awareness of what hits hard, utilizing contrast and leading with a delicate and crisp finish, there’s a certain style to much of the music, yet in every case the details help present something unique and fresh.

The set-up is striking, easy to vibe to. There’s also a notable level of recognizability to many of these compositions. Not overbearingly so, just enough to give the track that melodic riff or instrumental hook that lets you know exactly where you are when you hear it. That sort of calling card is rare these days.

As stated, YoungRell804 leads with professionalism and creativity intertwined – these beats are anthems waiting to happen. The effort and skill that has gone in to each piece is clear from the offset, and for these reasons you don’t need to worry about the instrumentals at all – you can just get on with your writing, your performance, your vocal and all that you want to add to the experience. Anyone can make a simple beat these days at home, few can make it in such a knowledgeable and effective, musically satisfying manner. Well worth collaborating with.

Check out his mix-tape here or head to Soundcloud for more beats. Find & follow YoungRell804 on Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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