YoungKingDockz X Blaze Loc - Came Far - Stereo Stickman

YoungKingDockz X Blaze Loc Came Far


Dark and heavy production meets with its visual equal and a story that kicks off the collaborative sound and style with volume and confidence. Came Far keeps its concept and mood at the forefront, and introduces the Canada-UK crossfire in a memorable way.

Showcasing the contemporary sound but holding close to more than enough personality and identity to keep things fresh, Came Far repeats that title-line hypnotically for an anthem-like feel, and makes sure to weave in plenty of storyline to really bridge the gap between artist and audience.

Heavy bass, trap rhythms and haunting synths make up the backdrop. Meanwhile the vocals have a touch of auto-tune but a crisp and upfront presentation otherwise.

The tone and delivery styles are clear, dynamic and different enough to keep things interesting. For what it intends to be within the scene, both relevant and hard-hitting, the whole thing ticks a lot of boxes.

Download or stream Came Far here. Check out YoungKingDockz on Twitter & IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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