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Young $ol Show You How To Love


The unmistakably smooth and heartfelt tones of Show You How To Love have been met by an equally stylish and emotional music video – making for a complete release that introduces Young $ol as a superb and soulful singer, with a fine ear for melodic development, and a creative edge that leans towards RnB, Hip Hop and alternative pop intermittently.

Show You How To Love is a song about intimacy, one that expresses appreciation for a significant other, driving with delicacy and a clear awareness and understanding of the past and the ways to make things better.

The song’s hook is easily the main thing you take away, Young $ol’s voice is stunning throughout but this moment in particular lets his meandering melody really showcase the best of his abilities. The video softly switches between shots of the artist performing, adding further passion and realness to the words he presents, and shots of the woman in question in an equally intimate setting. The colour scheme sets a calm, late-night kind of mood – one that suits the song perfectly. The visual performances from both also help further build a mellow and seductive, artistic experience that again represents the underlying song in a fitting way.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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