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You’ll See One Day Sober


Dreamy and intimate from the outset, the lightness of the acoustic guitar draws you in for a closer listen – sets the mood for emotional shifts and deeply moving contemplation.

Soon enough, the nostalgic roar of hard-rock pours into view. Not overly heavy though – beautifully in tune with the considerate mood implied by the brief acoustic introduction.

Then we get the vocals, a stripped-back moment again – ambient and reverb-kissed, with a certain lushness and almost Linkin Park-style tone to the leading voice at first. Later this evolves towards pop-punk in its higher notes, with fragments of the classic metal roar for intensity and further contrasts from delicacy to the peaks of passion. Ultimately, it’s a fearlessly versatile leading voice, which carries the changing stages and weight of this song perfectly.

In short, what begins as a likable track, soon becomes increasingly brilliant. The kind of cascading metal and musicality that brings both purpose and escapism – the weight and precision of a well-crafted, faultlessly performed composition, with a lyrical depth and heart-breaking intention that’s as revealing and pure as the vocal delivering it.

Superb, loaded with juxtaposed moments of quiet thought and outright explosive longing, Sober is a stunning introduction to a band who effectively reignite the sound of a simpler era; whilst injecting something undeniably fresh and fiercely authentic into the modern scene. I can’t wait to hear more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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