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Yona Marie My Soulful Baby


My Soulful Baby is a deep, grooving, heavy hitter that certainly lives up to its soulful moniker. Written, produced, and performed by Yona Marie, My Soulful Baby solidifies her as a true heavyweight of the new R&B scene. With a voice that soars and hits every note perfectly, an ability to find harmonies in unexpected places throughout the song, and a lyrical ability second to none, Marie is nothing short of a natural. Talent alone, however, could not have produced a single this profound. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and endless hours in the studio are no doubt the unsung marks on Ms. Marie’s resume. The soul is apparent, the sound is impeccable, and Yona Marie is a master at the helm.

Starting with a beat that’s slow and simple, the song builds its instrumentation with such purpose at every note. Every hi-hat, every strum, every key perfectly polished in place, laying the framework and setting the stage for Marie’s impeccable and soaring vocals to ignite the track. The song builds and grows beautifully, and around three minutes in there’s an incredible breakaway that utilizes an a capella style harmonized beat under the vocal track that provides such a stunningly subtle ambience – displaying the natural power of humanity.

Through and through, My Soulful Baby is a deep and powerful love note to R&B and soul, written by someone sure to be the next queen of the genre. Yona Marie has the voice, the talent, the work ethic, and the chops to achieve what most people only dream of. It will be a fantastic journey keeping an eye out to see what she has in store next.

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