For a track supposedly made by accident, Ygor Sunny’s Guillotine is brilliantly engaging and beautifully hypnotic for the extent of its short-lived, one minute twenty five second life-span.

Fusing an ocean of warming synths with a crisp and clean overall finish, and a vocal that entrances with both perfect rhythm and depth of thought, the track kicks into its groove pretty quickly and refuses to let up until its final sudden stop.

Guillotine impresses for its smooth and confident sense of presence and character. The music sounds mildly familiar, in keeping with the contemporary tones of hip hop, but it also leans in something of a fresh direction – fresh production, a clean vocal, a deeply poetic and clearly intelligent outpouring of ideas.

Whatever it is that causes an artist to make a track by accident, these are the kind of accidental discoveries or creations we can get on board with. There’s actually a great deal of intrigue in that process – the art that seemingly comes from nowhere, unplanned and unintentional; spontaneity adds a likable level of realness, which, in this case, helps the underlying concept connect in an all the more genuine and memorable way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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