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Yann Sella Turning Circles (Feat. MANCHESTER RAIN)


Yann Sella has crafted one of his most immersive soundscapes yet for the single Turning Circles. If ever the soundtrack to an intense movie scene aided the moment in sweeping you off your feet, consider this a cinematic experience built for precisely that sort of peak.

There’s a superb use of contrast showcased throughout this release, the fast pace of that distantly rhythmic synth-hum creates a manic aura that stands in juxtaposition with the delicacy of the surrounding waves of audio and indeed the gentle, whispered vocal lines. What this does is build a mood that feels quietly crucial, as if the calm is essential but the energy is equally important in reminding you that time is running out. Indeed, the slow motion visuals that accompany the track during the video add significantly to the calmness, but there’s a definite thread of anticipation that throbs relentlessly throughout the backbone of the journey. It’s a powerful thing to witness, and the more you listen, the louder you play it, the more you let it take over – the stronger and more entrancing and inspiring the experience becomes.

The second, third and fourth times you explore this, that opening ambiance has an immediate familiarity. The peacefulness is stunning, these multiple layers of colour and dreamlike consistency accompany flying lyrical fragments of that central idea in a glorious way. When the beat drops in, your heart picks up the pace to follow suit, the music starts to rain down around you, and somehow the complex nature of the whole work of art evolves to become this very simple, pure journey – through thought and possibility.

The track is structurally immense and Yann Sella exercises the absolute best of his abilities as a creative and professional producer of music to embrace or escape into. Well worth a listen. Listen loud.

Stream the music on Soundcloud & download it as of August 8th. Find & follow Yann Sella on Facebook & Instagram or visit his Website. Check out the label SubDust here.

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