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Yann Sella Existence


Fresh from the beauty of Turning Circles, Yann Sella strikes again with a longer project – Existence – a short but overwhelmingly atmospheric EP, which brings together three captivating audio experiences.

Twinkle starts things up and is perhaps even more inviting and intensely tuned in for escapism than what came before. As the soundscape rains down around you, the rising intensity pushes you to turn it up even louder – feeling the warmth and the detail and emotion of the piece fill the room, embracing you in the manner that only truly creative and professionally crafted electronic music can.

This track evolves further, going on to create a sense of increasing pace – the race is on, the energy rises and rises, you speed along faster through this journey and the music caters to your every need in the process. If anything, the title of this opening piece is an immense understatement – the delicacy and smallness of a mere twinkle doesn’t quite compare to the brightness and the explosion of energy that ensues within. Or perhaps it’s a fitting, astronomical reference – what we see as a twinkle in the sky, is actually something unthinkably huge.

Turning Circles marks the central piece and introduces a touch of humanity and a beat that feels gorgeously nostalgic of nineties trance. If you’re looking to feel uplifted, loaded with a sense of confidence and calm united, of possibility, this short but sincere and seductive EP Existence has what it takes to get you there.

The title track marks the final third of the EP with a more electronically charged ocean of synths. A sense of something epic emerges, anticipation runs deep. Then you get the fast throb of distant energy, and everything begins to weave around you in a hypnotic manner.

There are threads throughout the production and the creativity, but surprisingly there are also several huge differences between each of the tracks on this project. Where you may listen to some modern EDM playlists and think there’s very little at work to differentiate between one piece and the next, with this project – no such issue arises. The feeling you get from each track, the details and the journey within, is something of its own entirely, in every case.

Existence makes for an exciting and again overwhelming arena of audio that’s blissfully entrancing to have play for you. Yann Sella is an artist with a passion and skill for crafting mesmerising soundscapes for audiences far and wide. An absolute must-hear as the weekend kicks in.

The EP will be available exclusively on Beatport as of September 28th, and available on all platforms from October 12th. Find & follow Yann Sella on Facebook & Instagram or visit his Website. Check out the label SubDust here.

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