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Woven Green Turn Back Around


Driving with organic musicianship of the highest order, Woven Green lay out a live-style performance of intimate, poetic proportions for their single Turn Back Around.

From the offset the guitar work that rains down offers a sort of folk-like energy and brightness. Then you get the chord progression, and the drum-line, with a touch of melancholy or uncertainty. Then there’s the vocal, much higher-toned than expected, and this too furthers the tricky-to-pigeonhole aura of the song in general. And we’re still just a quarter of the way through.

As Turn Back Around progresses, it becomes far more of a theatrical deep-dive into thoughts, feelings and events, than a simple folk-pop song designed to lift the mood. In reality, the soundscape and that leading voice evolve into operatic realms later on, leaning towards power-rock with multiple layers of passion and intensity intertwining; not least of all a beautiful and welcomed touch of electric guitar solo.

This is a fairly brilliant song, nothing like you might expect from the title or artwork, even the intro. There’s intention here, and the musicianship is stunning – as are the performances all round. A provocative, thoughtful and progressive piece of writing, delivered with a supremely high level of ability. Woven Green are absolutely an act worth looking out for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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