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Woven Green Lift It Up


Fresh from the album Into Bloom, Woven Green’s Lift It Up makes for a fine introduction to a duo with a poetic way with story-telling, and a fascinating, unique approach to melodic and musical development.

Beginning with a quickly likable acoustic guitar riff, the song goes on to present an immediate level of anticipation and incoming weight. The solo vocal during the introduction softly lays out these poetic images and provides an intriguing and emotional thread that holds your interest throughout. As things build, the music grows more vibrant and more multi-layered, yet it still holds onto this organic and genuine set-up – you can hear and indeed feel the live energy of the performance.

The song’s hook is mighty, undoubtedly the main thing you take away – the rise up to these notes and the united voices amidst this instrumental brightness works beautifully. You walk away with that hook running through your mind. The band’s use of metaphor makes for an inspiring and rightfully uplifting experience in unison with such enjoyable and powerful musicianship.

There’s a progressive rock twang to this kind of writing style, though the song itself is decidedly gentle and leans more in a folk-pop direction than anything else. Woven Green ultimately have their own thing going on with this music, and that makes it a refreshing option to turn to.

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Rebecca Cullen

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