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Woochia’s release Train is one that offers a sublimely impressive taster of what’s to come from his EP Travels, a project that will be available as of October first. The simplicity of the techno label alone perhaps closes the mind a little for some listeners, but in the way that all great music should – Train opens it up again entirely.

Beginning with the simple, organic strum and gentle rhythm of an acoustic guitar, the track emerges in a way that feels all at once calm and manic, floating around your personal stillness yet carrying you along at high speeds. The connection between the sound and the concept is incredibly powerful – the journey, the beauty of those riffs and melodies – it all seems right at home alongside the electronic rhythm and ambiance driving the track’s pace. It’s a clever composition that feeds off of the title and the creative imagination of the producer in a hugely effective way, making for an enjoyable, uplifting few minutes of listening.

Woochia composed the piece Train during several train journeys between London and Paris throughout 2016. You can quite easily visualize the world passing by at high speed on either side of you as you listen, right up until the final few moments where you’re lost in the echo and perhaps fading signal of the sound. This is precisely where thoughtful, professionally crafted music showcases the full extent of its own artistry and depth. Much more than a genre or a beat, it makes for an experience; one that reminds you of the possibilities and how big the world really is.

Fusing the hypnotic and dreamlike qualities of electronic music with something much more organic, Train is an immensely atmospheric and soothing piece of music that you can easily listen back to again and again, in any number of settings, and still feel the same ethereal freedom you did the first time around.

The EP Travels will be available on October 1st. Find & follow Woochia on Facebook & Twitter. Subscribe to his Youtube channel for high quality music production tutorials and much more. Visit his Website for further information.

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