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Wizz Jones Young Fashioned Ways (2Seas Sessions)


This performance from Wizz Jones and Simeon is superb, the perfect start to any day and an easy go-to whenever live music seems to be lacking that something special.

Wizz Jones is far from a stranger to music, having been creating and honing his skills since the fifties, his sound and his abilities at this point are flawlessly smooth and colourfully captivating. Young Fashioned Ways is a personal favourite from his recent 2Seas Session, the pure acoustic blues feel of it drives the authenticity of heartfelt, on the spot musicianship and artistic expression out into the world without a single moment of distraction. That is to say, to watch them perform this, to hear it all pour through, is to witness them both completely lost in the moment and the music, and this, in turn, leaves you lost within it too.

From a songwriting perspective, the track has a very classic feel – the melody moves along in that all-familiar way, comforting and slightly nostalgic perhaps. There are undoubtedly a few things that set this apart though. The first is Jones’ guitar playing. The opening moments from this live performance are just stunning, his mastery of the acoustic guitar is mesmerising, though not even just this – in additional to skill, there’s an immediate sense of emotional involvement to his presentation of the music, and that draws you right in from offset. Soon after this, the opening lyrics is brilliant – simple and effective, dealing with the truth in a calm yet clearly passionate way. The very second that Simeon steps up with his harmonica the whole sound just explodes into a new realm of brilliance. The dynamic and the style and the way in which the two musicians connect is total entrancing. A magnificent live session and a total recommend, through and through.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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