Will Hecht - Strange Love - Stereo Stickman

Will Hecht Strange Love


Tropical good vibes and production clarity help lead this single through with color and a crisp, organic presentation style alike.

Blending effective sound design with a smooth and accessible, rhythmically and melodically satisfying vocal line, Strange Love feels like a pop hit easily relevant to 2020, yet also throws in a touch of character in order to keep things fresh.

The production qualities are a huge part of this – the space between layers, the weight of each riff and the drum-line, the pauses and breaks between moments for contrast. Meanwhile you get the simple hit of effective songwriting, a few different flows – subtle yet again easy to get onboard with.

The song’s latter half in particular features a little more sound-play, a few altered voices for a mellow middle-8, all in all helping give the release an almost trip-hop-like, jazz-cafe-esque sense of style. Strange Love is about the completed mood, the entire experience – not merely the leading vocal. It’s a refreshing take on modern pop, with enough of those recognizable qualities to hopefully allow it to reach a broader audience.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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