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Will Adams The Ballad of Reginald Fessenden


You really just immediately fall for the guitar work in this song from the moment the music begins. Before you know the story, before you can skip ahead to form any expectations. The playing is sublime, the softness and the skill, a wonderfully mellow rhythm and expression, followed soon after by a voice that is perfectly in keeping with the overall feel of the music.

This is, by all accounts, the essence of what is folk – the story telling, the truth, the altruistic artistry of an observer. The lyrics are gorgeous, every line is so real and beautifully presented, every rhyme equally clever and relevant – nothing is forced to fit where it doesn’t, everything just is, and it works. Brilliant song writing, extremely thoughtful and creative, and supporting all of this – a beautiful singing voice that welcomes you into the song. Not forgetting of course that superb guitar playing.

What I thought worked particularly well for this music is that there is a certain humble character entwined within the performance. These subtle qualities shine brightly as the notes and the words play out. It feels like someone you want to trust, and someone who is not overly aware of their own talent and creative ability, which is just lovely to hear. There’s no need to fight for the limelight, no need to be loud or flashy. The music speaks louder than any amplification ever could. There’s strength in that, and sadly it often gets forgotten. I’m glad to hear that the spirit of song writing and the power of music, as music, is still very much alive.

Reginald Fessenden was famed for being the first ever human voice broadcast on radio; in Massachusetts, 1906. He invented the technology to enable this breakthrough. The beauty of this song is that it doesn’t tell this story in terms of facts and figures – it’s not a history book – it tells the story from the perspective of, essentially, a fly on the wall. The deep and unexpected truths are focused in on, and expressed in a soft, whispering, utterly honest manner.

It’s a gorgeous song, and it’s one that really makes you think – as does much of the rest of Will Adams’ music. There’s a hint of Paul Simon in the style, the voice has this sort of delicate, handsome tone to it, and as mentioned – the storytelling is just wonderful. There’s a simplicity to this music that just lets every moment be as beautiful as possible, and each one is, thoroughly stunning, right the way through. Really worth letting into your life.

Head over to Soundcloud to listen to more music from Will Adams. The album, of the same name, The Ballad of Reginald Fessenden, is available on iTunes and CD Baby – twelve original and blissful tracks for you to embrace and experience. Go be a part of it. Highly recommended.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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