White Owl Red - I Walk the Line For You - Stereo Stickman

White Owl Red I Walk the Line For You


Leading with a seductive country groove, organic and melodically satisfying, with poetic, thoughtful observations on life, White Owl Red’s new single is one that kicks off 2020 in a refreshing and emotive fashion.

Championing the story of the legendary relationship between Johnny Cash and June Carter, I Walk The Link For You feels like a quickly familiar, comforting hit. The yesteryear references and the raspy, soulful tone of that vocal lead help create a welcoming, gorgeously nostalgic bit of audio escapism. You can turn this up loud, build the live sound around you – the finish is raw, yet professional; allowing for a further layer of authenticity that helps the whole thing truly connect.

From the tale to the presentation, through a likable arrangement and structure, I Walk The Line For You becomes a classic the very moment it breathes life and music history alike into the room.

White Owl Red never fail to engage, to impress, and this single reinforces that all the more so. Beautifully done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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