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Waters & Schnauss Der Verbote


Composer and producer Rob Waters joins forces with Tangerine Dream artist Ulrich Schnauss for this retro-electronic dreamland that is Der Verbote.

Translating as Harbinger, Der Verbote emerges as a rising, slowly evolving cinematic soundscape, featuring layer upon layer of vintage synths, melodies and details that increasingly intensify the energy of the piece.

Throughout its near-five-minute lifespan, Der Verbote makes its way through various stages – the first being a fairly euphoric wash of anticipation and rising weight. Soon enough we get a classically warm, enveloping dance realm, with fragments of vocals implanting ideas, and later – an immersive and hypnotic sense of dreamlike lostness as the layers soften and the mood elevates listeners to lighter plains.

A beautifully crafted piece, notably unique in style yet with just enough familiar elements to welcome a broader audience. This feels like a neo-classical experience, particularly towards the end – the progression of the story is fascinating, and the whole thing captivates and provokes a deeper level of thought all the more so as it moves along. Well worth more than a few listens this season.

Check out Rob Waters on Facebook or visit his Website. Check out Ulrich Schnauss on Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

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