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Wardo Bones


Wardo paints a poetic and gripping series of scenes around listeners with this ambient yet rhythmically hypnotic and seductively calming new single.

Bones is a pop classic from the outside, an effective piece of melodic story-telling with a superb rise up and drop to the hook. The concept is simple, resolving well at the repetition of that title, and before this moment the long-form verses really do captivate well – it feels alternative, revealing and fascinating in being so. This, fused with the naturally satisfying hit of that chorus – the uplifting embrace of the instrumentation, the powerful soul of the vocal switch – makes for a song that’s easily worthy of radio time far and wide.

Wardo showcases professionalism and a heartfelt perspective all at once. Simplicity on the outside is met with a clear complexity from the inside, presented in a subtle but effective way – resulting in precisely the kind of song that audiences tend to feel drawn to. It connects for its purity, for the changing level of passion in the voice, and for the skillful way in which the soundscape reflects and reinforces all of this. Beautiful.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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