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Walls Of Glass Freaky Man


Fresh from the brand new album Sleeping Beauties, Freaky Man opts for an organic pathway towards conceptual intrigue.

A simple set-up, piano and finger-picked acoustic guitar, Freaky Man goes on to bring in a simple melody and accessible vocal lead, and a string of lyrics that drive with a clearly personal level of vulnerability and reflection.

The concept progresses, from personal to poetic, and with this the music builds and increasingly envelops the listener. The hook repeats a single line, no complexity here either, just a loop of passionate lostness – highlighting the central concept well.

This is followed by an unexpected electric guitar solo, injecting further passion, and creating even greater contrast with the softness of the next verse.

Reflecting on the past, the self, the world and one’s role within it – Freaky Man speaks volumes on behalf of the artistic intention and musicality of Walls Of Glass. It’s a post-five-minute journey in itself, with a hugely impactful final quarter, but still just a fragment of the full catalogue.

Undoubtedly a songwriter with a decidedly honest and pure way of crafting originals.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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