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Wall Side Where Did You Go (British-Ukrainian Aid)


Sublime vocals of nostalgic RnB expression and tone guide us emotively into the retro synth ambiance and evocative depths of Where Did You Go, from Wall Side.

Written out of a deep consideration for what daily life would be like amidst the chaos and uncertainty of Ukraine at this time, Where Did You Go adopts the perspective of a civilian slowly and increasingly losing the people they hold close.

Emerging complete with a set of visuals directly relaying scenes from the war in Ukraine, of the loss and sadness imparted by it, Where Did You Go is undoubtedly a subtle yet striking ear-worm, and rightfully gets listeners feeling essential empathy for those trapped within the grip of it all.

From the songwriter who brought us The Ardents, Wall Side is an original project with a handful singles already crafted, and a full length album promised in the very near future.

The debut song Where Did You Go features stunningly soulful and passionate vocals from Ukrainian singer Liliya (meaning Lilly), who fortunately was able to relocate from Kharkiv to the relative safety of Kyiv when the attacks began, to continue making music.

The release ultimately provides a heartfelt ode to the devastation and turmoil that Ukraine has been subjected to for well over a year now.

All proceeds from Where Did You Go will be donated to British-Ukrainian Aid, and the video will be featured on the charity’s Website. Check out the Wall Side Debut Album Nothing I Deserve on all platforms.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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