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Wall Side Nothing I Deserve / Feeling Like Dido


Following on from the Ukrainian Aid-raising single Where Did You Go, newly-founded project Wall Side released two further singles in the run-up to completing and presenting their now released and first full-length album.

Both of these again feature the stunning vocals of Ukrainian singer Liliya, the first delving into those sultry RnB tones – backed by an organic guitar riff and easy underlying beat.

Weaving in nostalgic vocal harmonies for the hook resolve, along with fragments of freestyle electric guitar-play for another touch of soulful expression, the song is blissfully delicate, stripped-back and genuine in its timeless state.

Smoothness of tone meets with subtlety of passion for a gripping and musically simple yet striking listen, ultimately introducing the Wall Side style as committed to songwriting and purpose above all else – not limited by genre nor keen to bring in quirky traits or excessive layers when the voice, melody and sentiments all say more than enough.

Beautifully laid-back yet emotive, the track speaks volumes on behalf of the breadth of influence that Wall Side welcome into modern music. Consider the second of two new releases, the higher-octane, dance-ready single Feeling Like Dido, and that versatility becomes undeniably clear.

Fast-paced and synth-heavy yet also dreamy enough to contrast that relentless underlying beat, Feeling Like Dido employs those same alluring vocal harmonies and expressive adlibs cleverly interwoven amidst another structurally faultless song.

The energy builds and builds but the vocals maintain a sense of integrity – captivating the listener in a manner that naturally tips its hat to the dawn of meandering vocal-play; when things were effortlessly authentic, stylish and subtle yet incredibly free-sounding.

Wall Side have evidently captured a production and writing niche with these eclectic yet grounded and topically poignant tracks – undoubtedly an album worth tuning in for.

Visit the Wall Side Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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