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Vovkulaka EP


Easily a band on their own unique trajectory right now, Ukraine’s Vovkulaka bring through a fuzz-thick electronic-rock sound, loaded with distortion, gravel, passion, yet plenty of anthem-like moments of melody and memorable chants.

To begin, My Devil is a fast-riffed metal song with a gentle yet raspy, gritty leading vocal, and short lines that offer poetic references to really help paint the band as something of their own entirely.

Darkness Calling then features a surprisingly smooth arrangement of guitars and experimental flickers of electronica – power chords meet with short rhymes and hints of industrial energy, forming a song that’s easily memorable, quickly enjoyable, partly nostalgic, and brilliantly intriguing in terms of the live-show aspect.

Purple Door sees things break into cinematic realms briefly, leaning heavily towards the likes of Rob Zombie, balancing weight with melodic delicacy in a brilliantly satisfying way. Utilizing contrast to strong effect, the song draws comparisons with the freedom and creativity once on display during a simpler decade. The band don’t strive to fit in with anything at all, they write and perform as per the underlying concepts of each song, and for this reason each piece is uniquely structured, powerful, and refreshingly easy to escape into.

The fourth from the new short collection, Defy (Radio Edit), is undoubtedly a personal favourite. From quiet anticipation, through addictive, full and thick verses, haunting personal outpourings, the track meanders amidst moments of heavy metal and alternative art-rock in a stylish and politically relevant manner. The lyrics hold attention, the track hits with impact – yet it does so in a non-intrusive manner.

Really impressive, I’m happy to know there are bands making this kind of authentic heavy music – and doing so with such musical precision and fascinating writing.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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