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VortexOvVision Romance


The welcomed intertwining of ambient design with divine vocals and a steady house groove – VortexOvVision surprises and engages, with Romance.

Delicate in performance, with gentle vocals softly intoxicating the listener, Romance progresses from natural world sounds that sweep through the mix, towards the melodic simplicity of a satisfying instrumental and a constant but calming rhythm.

The structure is familiar but makes sure to weave in creative traits across everything from these poetic images and ideas, which inspire appreciation for the little things in life and the present moment, to the stops and re-starts that take place throughout the post-five-minute arrangement. The song even changes direction entirely at the half-way point – a new vocalist appears, but still these aptly romantic observations breathe clarity and calm into the space.

Originality is subtle but striking here, the professionalism of the composition is undeniable, but there’s also a humility to the set-up, which allows the natural and rather blissful heart of the writing and design to really connect.

The Final third in particular is mildly euphoric as it rises up to envelop the listener. It’s a dreamy and uplifting hit of escapism that’s beautifully provocative, and it makes me incredibly keen to check out more music from the creative producer VortexOvVision.

Download or stream Romance. Find VortexOvVision on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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