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Voice of G Home (Freestyle)


Back with another beauty, perhaps offering his most engaging groove yet, Voice Of G takes on the current social climate with an aptly-themed freestyle entitled Home.

Stylishly bringing together a likeable, calming vibe from the offset, and a quickly impressive and versatile vocal flow, the single leads with personal reflection but a notably topical, increasingly poignant and relevant string of ideas. References emerge to binging podcasts like Joe Rogan, along with comments on leadership, how things have been running since Covid-19 shut down regular life. These are all smartly second to the overall energy and bounce of the completed experience though.

The great thing about a track like this is that doesn’t hit with the impact implied by the heavy subject matter. Instead, it takes a cleverly soothing, easy-going and optimistic approach, offering a classic, bass-led ambiance – a little eighties-like with its gentle synths and overall warmth. The song fuses this with a softly raspy, intimate vocal line, which proves quickly hypnotic, incredibly relatable, and consistently impressive as the track runs through its brief two-minute-sixteen lifespan.

Really well done, not a bar wasted – all the more noteworthy considering the freestyle aspect. An addictive release, easily worth more than a few streams this summer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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