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Voice Of G lays out some classic good vibes on this latest project, driving with delicate and calming instrumentals – partly organic, partly fresh and rhythmic enough to fit well amidst today’s musical landscape. On top of this, the vocal deliveries throughout A.M prove equally peaceful, quietly confident, and more than engaging enough to offer something decidedly refreshing and easy to get into.

Ambitious Intro is all of this and starts things up on a high – the sound appeals for its humble, nostalgic aura – and its clear level of realness from the offset. WAR follows and keeps those melodic backdrops at the forefront of the journey. The paired vocals here hit with a little more impact, the track brings about an anthem-like feel, almost live sounding as you follow the varying rhythms along. Undoubtedly a new side to the artist emerges at this early stage – speaking volumes on behalf of eclecticism and a vast love for the art-form. A powerful song that impresses more and more so as it moves along.

Carousel softens things once again with a softer vocal flow, near-whispered but rhythmically relentless and consistently interesting – scene-setting and a soulful backdrop work beautifully together. A personal favourite from this EP, though Rage follows and is equally fascinating and a calming joy to have fill the room. A quicker vocal line pours detail and self-reflection into the process in an addictive way, proving to result in a finished track that’s easy to revisit a few times over before you even progress through the EP.

Something For The World brings the EP to an again anthemic finish, leading with a brighter soundscape – uplifting, energizing – and kicking into gear with the strength of a compelling hook; inciting togetherness, motivating a level of possibility and drive. While the underlying sentiment is a common one in hip hop, that of ambition and purpose, determination, certain lyrics help the whole thing lean in a slightly more insightful and smart direction. Lines like Setting the bar where others would fall and choke stand out for their confidence and articulate thoughts on life combined. A great way to finish what is a surprisingly unique yet classically rooted new hip hop project. Voice Of G creates from the heart, and this stands tall throughout the tracks on A.M. 

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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