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vladhq ☆ One Chance


vladhq ☆leads with impressive production and a smooth approach to melody and performance on this latest single. Complete with an equally optimistic and colourful accompanying video, One Chance comes in at a mere two-minute-fourteen, but really that’s all it takes for this hook and the gentle bounce of the music to have an impact.

Genre-wise there’s an unexpected meeting between hip hop and electro-pop here, the track occasionally sounds a little more Owl City-like than anything else, though at other times it undoubtedly tips its hat to the melodic electronic tones of contemporary trap and hip hop. That smoothness and the way the hook emerges help fuse those genres effectively, so vladhq ☆ comes through with a fairly creatively free approach to music, and that gives him an edge as an artist rather than simply one thing or another. Not being confined to any particular style or industry rules opens the floor to a whole host of possibilities and opportunities.

On this release, vladhq ☆ offers everything from strong production to memorable melodies, heart-felt lyrics to captivating visuals, and for all of these reasons and more – the song is a fitting introduction to a driven, dedicated creative. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

Stream the track on Soundcloud. Find & follow vladhq on TwitterInstagram or visit his Website.

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